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    Easy Neural Network MT4

    Expert Based on Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). The EA learns market patterns from past times and uses them to optimize later tradings based on the learned strategy. Read More About Neural Networks.

    Features :

    • More Easy and Fast Learning
    • Without Complicated input parameters.
    • All TimeFrames and Symbols Supported
    • No Need to Huge and Large Optimizations
    • Use Low Margin for Trading
    • Money Management Options
    • TP/SL/Averaging options
    • Trailing Stop, Break Even Options
    • Light-Weight and Optimized Algorithm (No Need to Large System Resources)

    Step by Step Using EA :

    1. First Run EA on Tester with the option : Action=Learn (Other inputs are default)
    2. It is better to use Visual Tester.
    3. After the Finishing Test, EA shows a Learn String in the chart. Copy the Text.
    4. Also You can View Learn String on the Journal of Tester After Finishing Test.
    5. Now Run the EA (Test or Attach to Chart) and Select Action=Trade Based on Learned Strategy and also Paste the string into the Learn String Field.

    Recommendations and Using Conditions :

    • Learn EA on any Timeframe and Symbol that you want to Trade. Learn String from a Symbol/Timeframe can not be used for other Symbol/Timeframe Trading.
    • Use Automatic SL/TP Options. In this case, EA uses the best TP/SL based on your Timeframe.
    • About 1~2 Years Learning is enough for Trading. It is better to update Learn String every 2 weeks during trade.
    • EA works on Hedge accounts.
    • Use Every Tick Mode for Learning and Testing.
    • It is recommended to learn with all default settings.

    =================== General
    Action of EA
    Learn String (if already learned)
    Magic Number
    =================== Volume
    Volume Calculation Method
    Floating Volume (Lots per 1000 Balance)
    Fixed Volume
    =================== Closing
    If a Position go to Loss :
    Take Profit Mode
    User Defined Take Profit (Points)
    Stop Loss Mode
    User Defined Stop Loss (Points)
    Averaging Distance (Points)
    Averaging Volume Multiplier
    Averaging Volume Add
    =================== Trailing
    Trailing Stop Loss
    Trailing Start (Points)
    Trailing Stop (Points)
    Trailing Step (Points)
    Break Even
    Activate Break Even After Loss (Points)

    activation for a single computer or vps

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    So, same data to learn and test eh ? LOL

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