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Recruitment of participants Proven Computer Accurate Poker & Blackjack Systems - Computer Accurate

Discussion in 'Blackjack' started by Deleted member 31794, Apr 18, 2021.

Recruitment of participants
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    How To: Winning Poker and Blackjack Systems
    Everybody Thinks They are Good Players BUT, They Lose: I've Ended This
    * Use Our Proven Systems... Play Smart and WIN !!! ... The Easy Way

    * Our Systems Are Based on Sophisticated Math & Psychology We've Done All The Math For You & Put It All In Easy To Read Charts

    * How This All Started: When I was a young man I always thought I was a good gambler but then I'd play and more often than not I'd lose. Then it dawned on me that maybe I wasn't as good a gambler as I thought I was. I decided I'd try to figure out each game using the mathematical concepts of combinations and permutations. This exercise was quite enlightening as I proved that often was taking rediculasly long odds for a minimal cash return.

    * Easy methods to win at Poker and Blackjack. All the sophisticated math has been done for you allowing you to make your winning decisions at a glance. Used by me for over 35 years and win practically every time I play. Easy & It Works!! You want to win?..... Get this program!

    (All Files & Programs in Excel, PDF & Word & .txt)
    * Here's your chance to do just that with this easy to follow, fool-proof and proven systems.

    * All the Poker favorites are covered, such as, 5 card stud, 7 card stud, 7 card low hold, 5 by 5, Texas hold'em, Acey Deucey, 3 Card Monte, 5 & 7 card roll your own, 5 card draw, Anaconda, Cincinnati and more. PLUS we show you an easy way to figure your own odds using our charts. I've done all the math and psych work, you have all the fun and profits. It has worked for me and many many others for over 25 years; now it can work for you.

    * POKER: You'll receive strategies with many easy to use charts discussing poker, the different games, the odds, winning hands and the psychology of a winning game etc., PLUS it's all summarized on a wallet sized cards. Take the wallet cards with you to the poker game, slip it into the cellophane of a pack of cigarettes or your shirt pocket, and at a glance you will know whether to fold, stay, or raise. It's just that easy!!!! Whether you play at a casino or a private game, these systems work

    * BLACKJACK includes all the hit, stay, fold, double down or split the pair info based on the dealer's up card. It slso provides a money management system to maximize your profit potential after each hand, whether you won the last had or lost the last hand. Remember, there are two games in each hand of blackjack; first you have to be there for the show down and not break and second, you have to beat the dealer.

    * Both these games need the understanding of odds, often derived by sophisticated math, along with table savvy to win in the long run. These programs use all the sophisticated math and distill it down to go, no go or raise situations based on your cards and those of the dealer in the case of blackjack. We show you what hands generally win all the popular poker games and card by card rules to win more and larger pots.

    * I've used these systems for years and it makes gambling more like investing. Typically I am the 2nd highest winner each time I play and occasionally end up the big winner and rarely still lose. Figure 10% of the time big winner and maybe 10% of the time I lose but 80% of the time I'm the 2nd biggest winner.

    * While each game was thoroughly analyzed with sophisticated mathematics ALL material is presented in easy to follow go, no go recommendations on a card by card basis.

    * By ordering this system you will also receive FREE SPECIAL CHARTS showing you how to figure odds for any card game. You will be able to "work the other players" to your advantage. You'll not only win many more POTS, but you'll win the BIG POTS more often

    * Poker consists of 2 parts: The mathematics and statistics of the game, as well as the psychological aspect of the game, playing the players. We also show you how to play the players.

    In Short: Poker and Blackjack are both heavily structured around math. If you know the math and a little phychology, you win more times than not.

    What previous buyers have told us: "Using your systems I win practically every time I play. I'm usually the 2nd biggest winner every time. About 20% of the time I am the big winner and only lose slightly about 5% of the times I play...I love it and it is so easy to use!".... Tony L. Cleveland, Ohio. "This system is so easy to use even my wife is now a consistant winner in both poker and blackjack. If you have any more systems count me in.".... John M. from Denver, Colorado. Using your system I now win about 90% of the time. When I do lose my losses are much smaller than before and probably due to too many beers.".... Bill W. Chicago, IL

    * Once your payment is processed, a download link will be emailed to you for immediate access to your purchase + we will provide you with a free gift also


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